my food philosophy

I believe in the community of food.

I believe that food should be enjoyed.

I believe that all foods fit. 

Food is not "good" or "bad". It doesn't need a qualifier or an explanation. Food is food.

So, let's eat.

Perhaps my favorite thing about food is that it brings people together. To me, the experiences of cooking together and sharing meals with those we care about is as much a factor in health and well-being as the actual food choices we make.

And since eating is something we do every day, multiple times a day, our food choices should be something we like. 

You'll never have to defend your food choices to me. As a dietitian, I am not the food police. Remember, I like food – that’s why I spent so much time studying it. 


what i can offer you

Nutrition information backed by scientific research

Suggestions for long-term healthy eating patterns

Strategies to improve eating habits

Support to help you meet your health goals


what you won't find here

Quick fix diets

Detoxes or cleanses

Unrealistic expectations

Judgment, body shaming or guilt tripping

I have voluntarily chosen to adhere to the Code of Ethics for the Dietetics Profession.

By observing the Code Of Ethics, I pledge to conduct myself with honestly, integrity and fairness, protecting clients, the public and the profession.  All opinions expressed here are my own and based on my interpretation of the current scientific evidence.